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Win new customers with email marketing and automation


Importing subscribers is as easy as uploading a CSV. Choose which fields you want to import and select how you want them to be imported.

Embedded forms

Embed a Mailgen form to start capturing new subscribers. Add tags to the forms to enable segmentation.

Email Templates

Create simple reusable email templates to personalise your communication with your subscribers.

Automated Email Template

Congratulate you new subscribers for opting in you mailing list. Send them a gift, or just say Thank you.

Scheduled Campaigns

Schedule emails to be sent in future time.

Open/Click Tracking

Get insights on your engagement with your audience with clicks and opens tracking feature.


Easily migrate your lists from other email marketing platforms

Our platform enables you to seemlesly import your subscribers from a CSV list. Choose which fields you want to preserve and skip the rest.

Improve your engagement rates and boost your sales

Emails are a powerful way to engage with everyone that loves the things you’re building. Keep them up to date with the latest news, send promotions to your loyal customers and watch those sales go up!

Email Campaigns and engagement tracking

Configure campaigns that will send emails on your behalf at the time you specify. Track the performance with open and link clicks tracking.

Always know what you pay for

Clear pricing based on how many emails you want to send per month and amount of subscribers.

Easy migration

Seemlesly migrate your subscribers from other email marketing platforms.

Create beautiful templates

Create your stunning email templates with our Drag & Drop email build or just use our Simple Email builder.

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